Orchestrator Upgrade - Rollback Options


I will soon be upgrading a production Orchestrator from v2018.4.5 to v2019.10. I have carried out a test run on a non-production instance which went well so I don’t foresee any problems with the production instance.

However, I am wondering about rollback options. If something were to go wrong while updating the production instance, how would I go about rolling back to the previously stable v2018.4.5? I will have taken backups of the database, web.config file and NugetPackages folder but how would I use them to restore Orchestrator?

Would I simply just download the Orchestrator.msi file for the 2018.4 version and re-install?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @pheyburn,
Please check out this part of documentation:

@Pablito thank you

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