How to retry the in progress queue item


Sorry but am not getting all the activities in this xaml file, attaching the screen shot.
Kindly help.

OMG, I can’t believe this, it worked for me also :slightly_smiling_face:.
Thank you very much indeed @ygulas.

This is really brilliant. Thanks a lot for sharing.

This works like a charm @ygulas Thank you so much for this!


This is working for me too.

However, I want to stop the process of changing the in_progress to New after a specified amount of time ( i.e specified amount of retries in the Queue )

If my Retry in Queue = 2

I want it to change status of queue items only 2 times and not more than that.

Where and how should I configure the condition.

hi im getting this too, how do you solve this?

Thanks, its working!!!

this is great!!! also helped with abandoned status. Thanks you @ygulas !!!

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Hi, I’m trying to follow this. I need to change a status from In Progress to Successful at the end of the workflow. However if we are unable to process with the queue item I’m marking the queue item to Failed. I would like to change the “Failed” status to “New” so we could re-try and process the queue item again. Can you help?