How to resume bot or move to a new transaction if we do not get any reply from action center?

In Action Center, I used “Wait and resume activity” and it’s suspended till we received input from the Action center but is it possible if we didn’t receive any reply at a certain time then the bot will resume for the next records?

If yes then which activity or steps do we need to use?

Hi @shraddha.mhatre,

To be able to process next records in the list, you don’t have to wait for suspended task to get completed.

Instead of using for loop to process records, please use for each loop, this will create multiple threads and process different records in parallel.

So whichever tasks are not required to go to action center, will get completed and the rest which need to wait for action to get completed in action center will get suspended and start resuming as and when corresponding actions are completed.

Hope it clarifies.


We are using REFreamwork with a queue mechanism. In our case, all records are going into the action center and depending on the action center result output we are doing further steps into it.

Example: For a current transaction if we did not get the result within a certain time then the bot will throw an exception and pick the next transaction.

Currently, the bot is suspended till action center input, is it possible we can wait for a certain time and if not get any reply bot will move to the next transaction except suspended?

HI @shraddha.mhatre,

In that case, you can try using ‘Resume after delay’ activity which is meant to work with persistent process.


My suggestion would be to create a dispatcher which will add the tasks in action center using ‘Create document validation action’. Then serialize its output i.e action object and add to the queue along with reference.
So queue will have reference and serialized ActionObject
This dispatcher can be created using REFramework.

Create another bot for human validation.
Use GetQueueItems to get all the items from the queue (Item status will still be new).
Then use parallel foreach over the output of GetQueueItems.
Inside parallel foreach, use GetTransactionItem with reference which is added during dispatcher process.
Deserialize the ActionObject using Deserialize JSON.
Output of the Deserialize JSON will be given as input to the ‘Wait For Document Validation Action And Resume’
This way bot will resume if any of the task added to the action center is completed without depending on the other tasks.

I hope this will help.