Bot suspended and not processing next transaction item

Hi, once bot created task in Action Center, user has to complete that task(approve/reject). After user has approve/reject, there would be emails sent out according to the action taken.

Fact: bot will be in suspended state waiting for action to complete.

However, i dont want bot to be in suspended state due to the fact that business could take up to 3 months to complete task in action center.

  1. How can i build the bot to continue processing next transaction item once task is created in action center? and
  2. Bot to continue sending out emails after user has approve/reject on Action Center.

are you using Long running template?

i’m using REF, and i directly created form task in process module. on outside of Process.xaml, i have the wait for resume activity.

I guess if you take a look at the Long-Running template maybe will give you an insight.


In this case you can try different approach rather than using wait for resume as it wpuld suspend the job till completed

You can add the items which are created in action centre to a different queue and end the current transactionitem…then we can use get form taks activity and check which forms are completed and whicha re not…if not completed postpone the item again if completed in action centre then send an email

Hope this helps


got your idea. however have one concern,

if currently i only sent the invoice number to the different queue (after task created), how can i check the task which corresponds to the transaction item (based on invoice no) ? do i pass this invoice number to the get form tasks?

or how can i sent the task details into queue?

pls advice


Create form task returns the form task as output which contains the form id …you can add that to the second queue


yep figured that. thanks!

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