How to restart linear reframework process?

how to restart the bot automatically in reframework linear process when system exception is found ? Thanks.


  1. You dont have to restart your bot, REFramework automatically does that.
  2. Reframework automatically handles both Error Handling and Retry Mechaniasm.
  3. If an application exception occurs, the current transaction can be retried,
    You just need to define number of retries in the configuration file ie, “MaxRetryNumber”
    and/or If you are using queue, While creating queue – set “Max # of retries”
    (Queue always overwrite the “MaxRetryNumber” no from config file)
  4. If a “Business Rule Exception” is thrown, the transaction will be skipped.
  5. Please refer the “Reframework documentation” for more info.

@Karuna but I am not using the default reframework , I designed the reframework as Linear process.

If you created your own framework then you need to do it on your own or show us the workflow to give you some hints.

Basically Try catch activity is the must have :wink: and inside catch you should probably put kill all process, maybe some email/log with error details and restart apps used in process. But this is some basic staff. More details would be helpful:)