How to restart a sequence or process without using reframework?

I have a simple basic linear sequence and I wanted to restart it if there is a system exception , is that possible without using reframework ? Thanks.

Hi ,

RETRY SCOPE can be used :

   * Keep actions in sequence surrounded` with TRY CATCH and in the catch use a variable 
      called System Exception of type Exception 
   * In Condition block use "IS TRUE" activity to check if the system exception is nothing and 
      keep the retry count as per your need.

USE Flowchart and Flow Decision :

* Create and Initialize the variable Retry Count with 0 
* Take a new flow chart Enclose the activities in Try Catch , use SystemException variable with type string and assign the exception message to that systemException variable in catch .
* After the Try Catch use FLOW DECISION to check if the systemException is not nothing and retry count is not greater than the MaxRetry(The max retry count EX; 2 for which bot tries 0-2 will be 3 times)
* Draw the False transition back to the try catch.


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do you have example using the retry scope ? @Krishna_547