Using Retry Mechanism in REFramework in a Linear Process?

Hi guys,

so I have a few questions.
I built a linear process for a customer using Re Framework. I customized it using this post: REFramework Linear process (Single Transaction) - #2 by Florent_Salendres

So now it’s working with a linear process but:

  • Is there a way to use RE Framework’s Retry mechanism somehow?
  • The process although failing is always marked as “Successful” in Orchestrator ==> Although I’m throwing Business Exception. Why?

So what I want to achieve:

At first I open an application ==> Then I use this application and set focus on it. This application is very unstable and wonky so sometimes it just resizes the window of the software to a very tiny window. Maximize Activity or any other tricks doesn’t work. It’s just the way it is with this custom software.

So what I want to achieve now is, if that happens, the code throws and then retry from start to end: close all applications, open them again and start again. This is because the resizing happens just sometimes. So when I retry 3 times or so it should always work. But I can’t figure out how to use Retry in this “Custom” version of RE Framework.

If you need any more details please let me know. Very much appreciate your help. Thx

if you want to use the retry mechanism you shouldnt use the one in REFramework Linear process (Single Transaction) - #2 by Florent_Salendres . Instead you should just use the default one and change it to look like this

  1. success/business exception lines dragged to “end process” since its a linear process

  2. dont drag system exception to end process as you want the framework to retry upon a system exception such as timeout

  3. change new transaction condition to transactionNumber=1

  4. change no data condition to transactionNumber > 1

  5. clear everything in get transaction data state

  6. now you have an REFramework that runs a linear process and also retries when it encounters a timeout


that looks very promising. Unfortunately I don’t have the “Get Transaction Data” anymore since I deleted it as stated in the tutorial for linear process. :smiley:

This is how it looks currently:

Any ideas?

drag this system Exception line back to “Initialization” state, and also make sure that your initialization state kills and logs in to your application, so that if theres a timeout (system exception) , the robot will kill your application and login again

Works like a charm my man. Thx very very much.

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no problem, good luck!

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