How to resolve uipath has stopped working issue windows is checking for the problem?

While using my uipath workflow suddenly , I have been experiencing this issue often that uipath has stopped working, since it is developer licensed 32 -bit version. Kindly let me know how to resolve this error? Possible ways to resolve the error without uninstalling the application.


May I know how frequently are you facing this issue ?

Win+R-> “Services.msc”
Find UiRobot service and start it.

Recently while using the filter datatable, I am facing this issue.


Are you getting same error everytime while executing Filter DataTable activity ? And also May I know how many number of rows input file contains ?

that’s mostly performance issue.

Make sure you follow the minimum configuration for a studio.

If you have already desired configuration, you may try reaching out to UiPath technical support team for this. This is related to the UiPath service being stuck and then end, this happens due to load and also sometimes due to long running threads

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While using the filter datable on my development, I have been facing such issue. At the time running my bot am not receiving any error related to issue. The number of rows may vary but it will be maximum of 100 -150.

Thanks@rahulsharma. I will check with uipath support regarding the issue.

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