Retrieve email through Message ID

How we Can send reply on the basis of Message ID of email?

Hello @ankit.jain2

Which email service and activities are you using in uipath?


i am using Outlook


You can use the Replay To Outlook Mail Message and provide the MailMessage Object. Any other specific requirement?


i extract the Message ID through Mail.headers(“UID”) and store in the data table , Now i want to reply on email on the basis of Message ID

let me check on that. As per my understanding, there is no option to pass it later.


@Palaniyappan please review

Hi @ankit.jain2 ,

Do we still have the Collection of Mails available that is retrieved from Get Outlook Mail Messages Activity ?

We could query the Mail Message list to get the Mail Message that matches the UID value in each row of Datatable and then use that Mail Message in Reply To Outlook Mail Message Activity.

Example :

mailToReply = mailMessages.Where(Function(x)x.Headers("UID").ToString.Equals(row("UID").ToString)).First

Here, mailToReply is a variable of type MailMessage, mailMessages is a variable of type List(Of MailMessages) and row is the DataRow from using For Each Row in Datatable Activity.

Maybe this isn’t ideal for your situation, as the MailMessages would not be available for use in the current workflow but if it is then you could try this and let us know if this works for your case.