How to reply a mail from send items?

Bot need to send a reply mail in same thread. Here i am using SMTP.
If i use smtp activity option(reply). Bot send the reply in separate mail. But i need reply in same thread.


We don’t have any option to reply in same email thread using SMTP.

any other options are available. Please suggest any other activities to reach my goal.


Is Outlook application installed in that Robot machine ? If yes then you can use Reply to outlook mail message activity.

Other way is to read the mail using Get IMAP Mail Message activity and read To, CC, Subject and Body of the email and then use Send SMTP Mail Message activity and pass all values to it. Here, you need to join the new body message with existing mail body.


We have got one for Outlook to reply back to the mail
For gmail with SMTP
Pls refer this thread for the solution

Cheers @BNK