Replace value in Excel

Hi All,

I have the excel file
EXAMPLE.xlsx (50.3 KB)
Where in column “Name” I may have value with " ’ " like CATZ INT’L.
Now I want to find those values and replace them from " ’ " to " ,"
And have new value in the same cell

Thank you!

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Hi @niteckam,

Use for each get the values based on row(“column name”).tostring and this value is your input string and use the below replace method on this

Regex.replace(“CATZ INT’L”," ’ ", " , ")

And after replacing the string store the output in row(“column name”)

Refer the below workflow

Main (25).xaml (8.4 KB)

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Hi @niteckam
Try the below query.

In Assign activity .
use your DT name instead of DT_input

DT_input = (From x In DT_input where true select DT_input.clone.LoadDataRow(New Object(){x("Name").tostring.replace("'",","),x("Purch.doc."),x("Item"),x("Material"),x("Material description")},False)).CopyToDataTable

Later write the modified DT_input in the same sheet with Write range activity.

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Hi ,

Here is an activity “Find and Replace” in the below package . It can do the find and replace inside excel.