How to refer to already open Excel file?

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I have found similar topics on the forum, but solutions there don’t solve my challenge.

My robot works with online application, downloads Excel file and the file opens immediately. The filename varies each time the download is executed. Active window shows the open excel file. I would like to work with the downloaded file, but don’t know how to refer to it in Studio X / Studio. Could you please suggest any solution?

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Hi @kgkorespondencja

How are you downloading the excel file? Are you using the Wait For Download Activity for it?

If it is so, then you can easily refer the downloaded file.

Hi kumar.varun2,

Thank you for your questions.
I’m using Click activity and the target is set for image region selection.


Try the Wait For Download Activity

The DownloadedFile variable is a FileInfo Type variable, which contains all the information related to the downloaded file.


Refer this xaml

WaitForDownload.xaml (9.3 KB)

Hello @kgkorespondencja

Here as solution what you can do is

  1. First delete all the file in the folder . you can use Delete file activity.
    2)Click on the file to download
    3)Use WAIT FOR DOWNLOAD to check the file downloaded.
  2. use assigna ctivity and use expressions as Directory.Getfiles(“Folderpath”)
    5)You can use start process to open the file.

@kumar.varun2 & @Rahul_Unnikrishnan I’ll follow you suggestions and come back with feedback when ready.
Thank you

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@kumar.varun2 I’ve followed your suggestions and succeeded. Thank you for your support.

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@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Thank you for you suggestion.

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