How to recursively update particular rows in a datable?

Hello good people,

I want to loop through an Excel while updating particular rows in a column.
I’ve succeeded for a single entry but my issue is with how can I make it a bit dynamic.

Below are the screenshots:



That’s how I approached the single entry but I want to make it recursive.
The updated columns are Date and Time In.
Kindly advise and thank you.

Kakooza Allan Klaus

Hi @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus

Follow these steps

  1. Read the excel file using the read range activity (dt_Data)
  2. Use the For Each Row in Data Table activity to iterate through each row
  3. Inside the For Each Row Activity, change the value of the required columns
  4. outside the For each Row activity, write the dt_Data into an excel file using write range Activity

Refer the xaml attached

UpdateDateTimeColumnValue.xaml (6.7 KB)

Thanks @kumar.varun2 for your swift response.
Am aware of the pseudo-code but the issue comes in on how to write the actually code.
That’s why I have shared the screenshots such that you can the code I used for the single entry and advise on how I can refactor it.