Updating excel row dynamically


Hi, I am working on reading my mail box and updating L in excel sheet dynamically the date employee applies for leave . If the employee Cancels leave , I just want to remove the L from the date dynamically but in my case it is creating a new row rather than updating on the existing row.

I am using ‘Add data row’. Is there any Activity to update it.

jan.xlsx (8.2 KB)


Hi @opteamix_bot,

You can first validate the name and the date and then once you know where you can use assign activity :

row(variable) = “L”

This will update the particular datatable adn then you can push the datatable into Excel.



i am using ‘Add data row’ and Add data Row inserting every time a new row its not updating existing row i have problem with Add data row


Add Data row means you are adding a new row and hence it will not resolve your problem.

You need to first go to the particular row item when you are in For loop and if your conditon matches you just need to update the particular item of row by using Assign Directly



check1.xaml (37.1 KB)
jan.xlsx (8.2 KB)

hey Vikas can you check my code where i am inserting the value to Add data Row


HI @Vikas.Jain i try but it not works