Read/Write from/to Excel file



I want to Read a range from excel file and add to a new column the text “Match” to all rows thats match a criteria.

Would like some tips and trix on how to do this?


First Take all data into a DataTable…
Then Use Add Data Column Activity to add a column first
Then Run For each Data Row Loop and If [Coumn]="" matches criteria update that add coumn value for that row…

Finally Take that DataTable and WriteRange to set …

I hope this will help u…:slight_smile:


Thanks, how do i do the update?


Once You got used “Add Data Column” Activity there you need to give name for the column…

SO while looping in foreach data row…

row.item(“CoumnName”)=Value will update the respective added column…:slight_smile:


ScheduleData.xlsx (8.6 KB)
ScheduleTemplate.xlsx (112.4 KB)

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