How to record the installation pop up window

Dear all,

I am currently recording the installation of office using Desktop recording.

Once i click the “setup”, i could not record the following pop up windows.

Kindly refer to below screenshot.

Kindly advise is there any way to record it.

Thank you

Try it manually uipath will supports to perform operation on this type of windows


Could you please try with either Computer Vision activities or Image Activities and check it.

yes …i use manual recording… but it wont capture any elements or screen.


I have try to use click image or click text activity, it is still cannot capture.

Computer vision activities is referring to which activities?

Thank you.

Don’t use the recording for example if you to perform click operation use click activity and capture the element.

Hi buddy @eelin

As you say both the click image and normal click activity doesn’t work kindly try with Send hot key activity with as tab and use n number of send hot key activity with this key until it reaches the field or button we want to click
—Then we can again use send hot key with key enter to click on the button
This would work for sure
Cheers @eelin


Yes, i did both…then problem is i cannot indicate the screen at all so that it click the button “install”

thank you


Do you have any demo or sample of workflow that you can show me ?

i dont have any idea on how to do this.

Thank you.

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Try with computer vision activities go the package manager and install the package activities in that activities use click activity

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No worries buddy
it involves simple steps like this
–once you get to this window Microsoft Office Standard 2016…use a attach window activity and selec this window as a element
–then use a send hot key activity and mention the key as tab, which will take us to the button that we want to click. if it reaches the button on one send hot key activity with key as tab, then fine
else use n number of send hot key activity with the key as tab until it reaches the button that we want to click, where this can checked manually without studio, use tab key and check how many tab is required to reach to the button we want
–once after reaching the button use again a send hot key actiivty with key as enter, its similar to how we do it manually with keyboard without mouse,
so use send hot key with key as enter, so that it would click on the button

Thats all buddy
i m explaining because i wont be able to reproduce this issue
This can be resolved easily @eelin
Cheers @eelin


Thanks for your guidance.

However, my current issue is the Ui path cannot recognise that particular windows as an element…

I have tried to use attach windows activity and click indicate on screen to capture that windows but nothing being captured…

Kindly advise me is there any other solution.

Thank you.

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No worries buddy
Go with computer vision activities buddy
Go to manage packages on design menu and in official tab search for Computervision and install the computer vision activities
These activities were developed to select the fields and buttons in a image as a individual elements
For more info on this

Cheers @eelin


Should i press continue???

Will it have any impact?

By the way, i am using community version.


I have successfully download the computer vision package.

But when i want to use the CV screen scope and indicate screen, it pops up the error message as per below:-

Kindly advise.

Thank you

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Kindly follow the steps to get this error sorted out buddy

Cheers @eelin

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