Hi Team,

OSK actions not able to record in UIpath. Once I place the recorder on virtual keyboard it will disable the recorder.
How can I use the shortcuts those are not available in send Hot key activity?


Hey @Girish

Well you are right On screen keyboard is not detectable by UiPath.
So for a workaround why you are not using click image Activity to click on a print screen button in OSK.

@Girish - wanna know what you wanna achieve and environment is citrix? or local.


Hi Akshay,

Thank you. I tried with click image, it is going to infinite loop not able to use that one also, could you check once.
It is citrix enviroment.
I want to take a screen shot of the application and paste into mail, I tried using “take screen shot” activity everything is working fine, I can use invoke method to set that into clip board but we looking for altenative solution.

One more question where exactly the temporary run time images will be stored(Technical question in uipath)?


well i have used it for citrix it was working well .

Tried to cop up with image accuracy to increase or decrease and use pick branch.
And suppose you wants to take screen shot off a particular window then click on it(in citrix no activate window :slight_smile:) then use “Alt+print scren” combo click on OSK then past it where you wants.

I have used it and still it works fine for me.


Hi Akshay,

I tried OSK , it is not working.
Could you please share the flow?