How to read more than one excel sheets in a for each loop

The scenario is, in one excel i have two sheets called sheet 1 and sheet 2. i wanted to use both the sheets within a for each loop.
am using excel application scope activity for reading sheet 1 and am creating data table for it. within for each loop am passing this data table and within the same for each loop i want to read sheet 2 contents and continue my flow.
so,while i tried with one more excel application scope activity within the for each loop and read the sheet 2, i got error like the column does not belongs to the datatable, means it keeps looking the data in the sheet 1 only not in sheet 2.
which activity i should use to resolve this ??

@REKHASRPF Refer below link

It is very much possible…use different DataTable for different sheets

within for each row activity am already using one data table, within that flow i want to open another sheet and want fetch data from that.

I don’t think that is possible, but why do you want to do that ? Instead, refer the DataTable2 for the data that u r looking for.

@REKHASRPF Check attached file solution (8.3 KB)