How to read data from 2 different excel with different sheet names?


I want to read the data from 2 different excel sheets with different sheet names. i am able to read the data from 1 excel sheet by providing the sheet name but unable to do it for second excel in loop. Kindly help me to resolve my issue.



Are you using Read Range Activity in the Excel Application Scope?
If yes that’s maybe an issue. Try to use Workbook Read Range Activity twice for the same file but a different sheet.


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But then again i need to use 2 different for each row activity to read the data, right?? i am attaching my workflow for your referenceMain.xaml (15.9 KB)

Hi @sneha_arbole

You can use Get Workbook sheets activity to get worksheet name from excel and then loop over the sheet name to retrive the data

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Nived N

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If you want to Read Range from two sheets and do exactly the same actions on both of the data tables you can use Merge Data Table Activity to create one dataTable from two.

I am getting error

Can u show the datatype of Vsheets

it is list of String