How to read the Text that entered in UIpath Terminal(mainframe) without giving Enter send keys

I am using send keys value to enter the data in UiPath Terminal, I wanted the read the data that was entered without submitting to ensure bot has sent the data correctly or trimmed some text. Please advise.

Hi @harinagendra31,

Here’s how you can achieve this:

First, use the “Attach Terminal” activity to attach to the terminal screen where you want to enter the data. Then, use the “Send Keys” activity to enter the data in the terminal screen.

After using the “Send Keys” activity, add a “Delay” activity to allow sufficient time for the data to be entered in the terminal screen. Then, use the “Get Text” activity to read the data from the screen by setting the “Selector” property to the selector of the terminal screen where the data was entered. Save the output of the “Get Text” activity in a variable.

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Hi @harinagendra31 ,

Thanks for reaching out to Community.

Here are the list of steps which will help you.

Drag and drop the “Get Text” activity onto your workflow.

Indicate the screen area that contains the text you want to read. You can use the UiPath Terminal activities to navigate to the correct screen and position the cursor on the text.

Configure the “Get Text” activity properties to specify the text selection method (e.g., by coordinates, by text position, by OCR engine) and the text output format (e.g., as a string, as a secure string, as a variable).

Use the output of the “Get Text” activity to store the text in a variable or to perform further actions in your workflow, such as comparing the text to expected values, parsing it, or writing it to a file.

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Hi @harinagendra31,

You can use the “Get Text” activity to read the text that was entered in UiPath Terminal without submitting it. Here are the steps:

  1. Add the “Get Text” activity to your workflow.
  2. Indicate the terminal field where the text was entered using the “Indicate terminal field” option in the activity.
  3. In the properties panel of the activity, set the “WaitForReady” property to “COMPLETE” and the “DelayAfter” property to a few seconds (e.g. 3000 milliseconds).
  4. Use a message box or log message activity to display or log the text retrieved by the “Get Text” activity.

Note that the “Get Text” activity retrieves the text that is currently in the terminal field, not the text that was last entered. If you want to compare the text entered by the bot to the expected text, you can use a variable to store the expected text and compare it to the text retrieved by the “Get Text” activity.

@BogdanTod @pratik.maskar Thanks for providing the view points on this, getText activity is displaying the text which was already rendered in Mainframe but my requirement is as soon as i type the text in main frame I should read the same text again without submitting to it terminal, I have tried all the activities available in Terminal activities but unfortunately none of the activity is working with my ask.
I created a workaround for this, I am attaching this terminal window as a desktop app using title and using GetFullText to get all the visible text and performing string manipulation to get the exact text based on row and column which i entered.

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