How to invoke Excel data to Terminal and How to udate the Excelsheet

Hi All ,

Please help me on this

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Hi Srinu,

It’s a bit hard to tackle such a general question, but as a principle you just need to work through this logically.

Prerequisites are going to be:

  • Once you’ve got UiPath installed, you will also need to install the Terminal Activities (I think Excel is installed by default).
  • There is a bit of messing around to get a terminal going in my experience, you need to try a few of the different options provided by UiPath. I’ve written before about how I have done it - Regarding Issue in connecting mainframe via Aviva Emulator -TN3270

So from here you’ll need to open your excel using those activities, and open a terminal connection using those activities.

Once you’re connecting to terminal, you just need to read out of the excel into string variables what you need, and use the send keys activities to send to the terminal. Then you use the read activities from the terminal and read what you need into a variable, and then use the excel activities to type it where you need it in the excel.


Thanking you David

I’ll try it

Hi David,

I have tried the same logic to read data from an excel using Read Range activity, and stored the extracted data into a String variable and invoked this variable into Send Keys activity.

The process runs good until this step, and disconnecting the mainframe session once this step starts executing. I understood that the terminal connection is not reading the excel.

I have also tried the same logic by replacing Read Range Activity with Read Text File Activity and the bot is able to perform the expected action. But I need this to be done by the excel since I need to keep some conditions.

Is there a way! Thank you so much in advance.