How to read the column by column in UiPath


I have excel file and I want to put the data from excel sheet to website but I want to read the data from column by column in an excel sheet Im attaching screen short for the same


You can use read column activity right @Chetan1?


You can transpose the datatable to use it as required @Chetan1

We have lot of topics available for transposing the data table . Please check

ofcourse, we can loop through the columns using for each activity as datatable.columns, but we can’t get the column by column values, it will give you the first row. transposing will help you in your scenario

Check if this example helps your need.
Its all about looping in foreach, each column in rows… (27.1 KB)

We can even have different way to achieve the results… one is as @HareeshMR mentioned.

Thanks but this is not my requirement I want “Keerthi Chandan Latha Sunitha Aruna” as output

@Chetan1, you need to tweek the foorloop based on your requirement. That is just an idea to tell you how can we get the data using loops and datatable.

Check if this helps. (27.4 KB)

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