Extract columns of data from excel

Hello, can help me with this?
I would like to:

  • Copy 4 columns of excel data from this excel sheet
  • Paste into clipboard
  • After that, I will want to transfer this data into a software that I am using (Also consist of 4 columns)
    P.s I am weak at programming plus I am new to UIPath. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance. If possible, can type out in UIPath the steps?

As far i understood u need to read the data from Excel and access it in a application,
it is simple,
Use an excel scope and read range activity inside the scope to read an entire sheet of that excel. the 4 columns will be store into a datatable.
use can access each using a “For each row” activity and access the data in the datatable or u can use datatable.Rows.Item(0).tostring will give u the first column data in that datatable.