How to read row data of paticular column

i have a table data , containing server names and dates , i need to read only dates , and store each date in one variable

Hi @rajthyaga53

How about this expression?

Arrstring = dt.AsEnumerable.Select(function(x) x("Schedule").Tostring).ToArray()

This will give the array value. You can use Arrstring(0) -> It will get the first row value in the Schedule column


Hi , thanks for reachingout,
its showing error while writing it in output

Check whether you have space in the column name in your excel @rajthyaga53

Can you share the sample input? @rajthyaga53

Check out the XAML file

GetOnlyOneColumn.xaml (7.3 KB)


no, i checked it, there is no space

Read the Excel File.
Add For Each row.
Inside For Each row add row(“column name you want to read”) to the Write line to print the values. E.g: row(“Column x”).tostring. row(“Column y”).tostring.

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