Display data of particular row using excel activities

I am fetching the data of 16th row and displaying it on the console.

keep in mind— index starts from 0,if header is included 16th row will be given as 14 in code.
as 16 = 15 because of index.
16=14 in code if headers are included.
Activities -->
read range
for each
write line

process -->
1.read range – give sheet number(example" sheet1")
2.Assign – arr_Row=datatable.rows(14).itemarray

data type of arr_Row should be object
3.for each –
for each item in arr_Row
inside body , give write line activity and write – Convert.ToString(item)

please let me know if it useful.

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this is extremely helpful, but what is your question?

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fetch the 16th row from excel sheet.

Are you getting any specific error while doing the steps that you have mentioned?

I am sharing a solution.

Why? This topic has been covered already in the forum. What you are doing might account to spamming the forum.


because I tried the other solutions, there were not helpful, i have created keeping in mind small things like what data type it should have, array object, a layman should also be able to understand, step by step.

once again this is explained so much better in detail in posts earlier. i am not trying to demotivate you but you should research the forum before posting.

I am really grateful Viraj, but what I have developed is way to simpler and easy to understand, isn’t it? less complex and very easy to understand with proper activities and its description .

you haven’t developed anything, this is the standard way to do this. you just wrote it down.

i am not going to continue with spamming the forum. :peace_symbol: :peace_symbol: :peace_symbol:


Thanks bro i got the values of single row,but i want to write in another excel that row which i got.

Thanks a lot.

Data type should be system.collection.enumerable.