Read the data of a specific column row by row

Hello everyone, I need your help to be able to carry out this process. I want to read a data stored inside two different columns of an excel file, for example the x column and the y column, and that is row by row, This excel file varies in the length of the number of rows, since it is never the same. and verify that this is bringing the data that I need Thanks for the support

Hi @askPWC,
Try below code,


Arivu :slight_smile:

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HI @askPWC

As another suggestion, You can also try using the Read Column activity to read the data in a specific column of a excel file. The output of this will be IEnumerable type variable. You can then use a For Each loop to loop through and access the values in it…

Hi @askPWC

Try below steps

  1. Read the Excel File
  2. Add For Each row
  3. Inside For Each row add row(“column name you want to read”)
    to the Write line to print the values.
    E.g: row(“Column x”).tostring
    row(“Column y”).tostring


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