How to read Queue reference?

I have queue reference like below, Based on the environment I have to move that particular sequence.

Let me know how to do with Queue reference


Thanks in Advance.

Hi @ManjunathReddy

You can use the “Get Transaction Item” activity to retrieve an item from a queue, the output variable (transactionItem ) contains information about the retrieved queue item. transactionItem.Reference can be used to access the reference of the queue item as a string.

If you get the queue reference & assign it to a variable you can use else if condition like this to run different flows


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I want read queue reference.

Use the get transaction item activity. Select the right Folder path & Queue name then assign Output to TransactionItem variable then to read the Queue reference you can use


Hello @ManjunathReddy , Try This

TransactionItem.Reference     -----> Reference of the specific queue will be printed here

Using If Condition you can separate the Queue based on Queue reference.




Hi @ManjunathReddy

Use Get Transaction Item activity (Output=TransactionItem)

Use Assign Activity
QueueRefrence= TransactionItem.Reference.ToString

For the further use

To extract the last word before underscore , you can split the string by underscores and take the last part.
LastWord = queueReference.Split("_"c).Last()

Switch activity on LastWord variable

Case “PROD”:
// Sequence for Production environment

Case “UAT”:
// Sequence for UAT environment

Case “SIT”:
// Sequence for SIT environment

// Sequence if environment is none of the above or not recognized

Hope this helps

Flow switch also works right?

Hi @ManjunathReddy

Yes it will

Hi @ManjunathReddy

  1. Get Transaction Item (Get Transaction Item from Orchestrator)

    • Output: transactionItem
  2. Assign Activity:

    • Input: environment = transactionItem.Reference.Split("_"c)(2).ToUpper()
  3. Switch Activity:

    • Expression: environment
    • Cases:
      • “PROD”:
        • Sequence for PROD environment
      • “UAT”:
        • Sequence for UAT environment
      • “SIT”:
        • Sequence for SIT environment

Thank you


You can simply use a switch activity

And give this in expression TransactionItem.Reference.Split("_"c)(2)

And PROD,UAT and SIT as 3 cases


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