How to use Get Queue Items Activity

How to use Reference?

Hi @sumouse

The reference property is used to get the Queue Item by filtering Reference you have added using Add Queue Item .


Hi @sumouse,

With the add queue item activity, you get the references you add one by one with the getqueue item.

If you want to specify a rule while geting, you can do it from this area.

For example: If you want to get items starting with 05, you can write StartWith and “05” in the sub-field.

If you ask why it is used, sometimes more than one process can be added to the same queue. Your setup is amenable to this, and you can add a defining area to separate the processes from each other.

If you ask why add more than one process in the same queue, the reason may be prioritization. You can prioritize within the same queue.

I’m also adding a link for more detailed usage.


Hello @sumouse

You can use the Get Queue item activity to get the values form the queue.
You need to user the SpecificContent command to get the value form the queue items.


이 내용은 잘 되고 있습니다.

Assign : TransactionItem_Temp.Reference = Now.toString(yyyy-MM-dd")

Set Transaction Status : TransactionItem_Temp

Set Transaction Status 를 사용할 때 Reference의 값을 변경하려고 하는데 적용되지 않아요

방법을 아시나요?