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we collect new orders via Queue Items. The queue item reference is required as a string for order processing. How do I get the reference output as a string?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Prisemuetchen

  1. Use the “Get Transaction Item” activity and provide the necessary input parameters such as the QueueName and Process Transaction Status (New, InProgress, Failed, etc.). Let’s assume you have an output variable named transactionItem.
  2. Add a If condition to ckeck if the transactionItem is not null:
    • Use the condition
transactionItem IsNot Nothing
       Assign=> orderReference = transactionItem.SpecificContent("Reference").ToString 

=> “Reference” should be replaced with the name of the column that stores the reference value in the Queue Item.

  1. You can then use the orderReference variable wherever you need to process the order with the Queue Item reference.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Prisemuetchen ,

Maybe this is what you were looking for :

Here transactionitems variable is of type QueueItem.

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