How to read number double (excel)?

I​ want​ to​ read​ number​ (have​ decimal)​from​ excel.

I create variable​ as​ double.
But after run i​t​ show​ error​
Read​ cell: INST is​ not​ a​ valid value​ for​ double.

Please guide me​ about​ it​

please share a sample value, which you want to parse / read with us. Thanks

@ppr In​ red​ text.

the exception message is INST, could it be the case that somewhere a variable name is quoted… or other not intended

in general we would do:
can use also alternate conversion methods and can control in case of different number formats

@ppr I not understand.
How to solve it?

I want to read data from file as below.

data (2).xlsx (9.4 KB)

we have different options to parse a double
in case of parsing an empty string we get following exception

Incase of we send a non digit value to CDbl eg INSTR
we get:

so looking to the excel we dont see any suspicious.
looking to the Exception we more have the feeling that a wrong value is send for the usage.

just share with us a screenshot of the activity causing the exception. Feel free to also share additional relevant details with us

@ppr My flow as below.

replicating your case with your Excel myValue is of Datatype double

check all used excels and workheet, that the correct ones are used
check if some cell has the value INST as we can see it on the exception

@ppr How to check?

with eyes on code and on the excel referenced from Excel Application scope is used

Make your values string or objects and then cast them to doubles after pulling them out of excel.