ReadCell: Decimal Converter cannot convert from System.Double

Hi All,

We are reading text from a macro enabled excel workbook where we are using ReadCell activity and assigning the output to a “Decimal” variable which works fine in one system and the same when it is executed in another system throwing the error “ReadCell: Decimal Converter cannot convert from System.Double”.
where as while Chaging the variable type from Decimal to Double soled this issue in one system but the other system failed now. Got to know we can use “Generictype” , but Need to understand why this issue occurs in one system and not the other system. Please Help

Hey Sundar,
I’m quite new to UIPath so ignore me if I am wrong.

Why don’t you store the ‘Decimal’ into a Decimal Variable (just a temp one) and then Invoke Code - then just pass in the tempDecimal variable and convert it using C# for example.


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Hi Craig. Thanks for your reply. I really do not get your point We are not going to use any C# code for this simple read cell activity , just need to understand this error mismatches between different systems.

No worries - here is someone with a similar issue so hopefully it will shed some light.

Format in Excel file is just used to determine how to DISPLAY data on EXCEL FILE. It doesn’t affect data type in datatable in UiPath.

I guess UiPath recognizes columns as Double when the cell only contains numbers (but if it starts with zero and is followed by another number, UiPath recognizes it as String)