How to read more than 100 items with Get Queue Items

Could someone assist me with a sample of reading more than 100 items from a queue.
I read from the cforum that Pagination & reference properties of ‘Get Queue Items’ can be used to achieve this but couldnt figure how to define/use the same.

Appreciate assistance. Thank you.

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@anon24920977 - there is a limitation on get queue items activity.
you can use orchestrator api to retrieve queue items without limitation.

Get the queues

Get queue items based off of Queue Id$filter=QueueDefinitionId

The links lead nowhere. Thanks for the response though @GBK

@anon24920977 - if your new to using orchestrator api’ - please check academy videos…

for a sample orchestrator api → you can refer below link …

No luck @GBK

@anon24920977 - please add UiPath.Web.Activities dependencies to enable http request activity.