Get queue items activity limit of more then 100 Transactions?

I understand this activity has a limit of 100 transactions, maybe I can use multiple Get Queue Items and every time to place a reference where the next 100 Transactions start.

But the important questions is here what I can do if the queue items is between 100 and 1000?
I must create 10 times of Get Queue Items just to be sure I will take all queue items?

My proposal for solution:
I’m thinking about is it possible somehow to count the items in the Queue?
Then I can create a formula like SumOfCountQueueItems / 100 = X
Where X can be used to create a loop how many times to use Get Queue Items activity?

How it’s possible to get the amount of queue items in one single Queue?

I think when I come to uipath forum and start typing my question I get the answer in my brain…
Maybe it will be good idea to sum the queue items before to insert them.
Then I can use the formula from above: SumOfCountQueueItems / 100 = X

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have a look on the paging functionality


  • Skip - Helps you skip the first “n” items. This property supports only integers and integer variables.
  • Top - Returns only a specified number of items out of the total. The maximum value is 100. This property supports only integers and integer variables.

After every loop I can increment these two field by 100.
The first run 1 - 100
Second run - 101-200
And so on…

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I would try it
once you will get less 100 items you can rate it as you are in the last segment

@Veselin_Ganchev - you can use orchestrator api - to get queue items - there is no max limit count…

To get the queues from your orchestrator-

To get all queue items based off of Queue Id -$filter=QueueDefinitionId

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Hi, in your case, why do you feel the need to retrieve so many items at once? If it is for processing, in my opinion, your performer should even consider getting only one item at a time…

Report file containing information for the queue items.

Oh, so most definitely dont use the activity or it will be very slow to get them all…

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@bcorrea 2 usecases for this:

  1. reporting. When having a queue with that runs a process that have many small run, you end up with a queue that have more than 100 queueitems , and if you then wish to make a robot that automatically reports queue statistics
    For example send an email to the manager with how many queueitems contain the specificContent(“testValue”) = “something” and how many contain specificContent(“testValue”) = “somethingElse”

  2. If you wish to delete more than 100 queueitems from a queue.
    Yes, you can do this manually via the interface, but the interface only supports deletions of 50 items at a time and for many queueitems (for example, 5000), that takes a very long time.
    This could would be an easy solution if you could get more items at a time.

Besides the usecases, I don’t understand why this limit is so low.
I can see the argument that it might take a long time to get all queueitems, but that’s really not something UiPath should decide for me.
In other activities (for example GetMailMessage) there is no limit, even though it sometimes takes one of our processes over 10 minutes to get them (after increasing the timeout).
It would be nice if we as developers could decide what “too long” is in a given process, and instead the limit of 100 was changed to a DEFAULT of 100, so we still can increase it if we wish :slight_smile:


The limit is only in the activity, im sure it is there to make sure the workflow will not exceed limits for memory use and technical issues that can break your process, still i dont see any issue in getting 100 at a time, as you could even do inside one process run… to do a report, you would not need to have all queue items in memory at the same time… To delete, you also should not need them all at once…