How to read email and send email from WEB Outlook account

I want to read email and send emails form web outlook account.
So which activity will i need?
and what information will i requirement to access web outlook account?

Hi @pankajs3

Without interacting with GUI outlook interface, we have get outlook message activities and send outlook message activities.

For interacting with GUI web outlook then you have work on Click activities, Type Into activities

Hope this helps you



Hi @pankajs3 get outlook mail message will work similarly for both web based and software based outlook.Check the documentation for more details.

No Get Outlook Mail Message activity work only for desktop outlook application. And in the document is not mentioned about web outlook mail message.

have anybody idea about it?

Have you tried using Exchange Mail message activities @pankajs3?

no, because i am not clear about these field In Get Exchange Mail Messages.
Server - The email server host that is to be used.
Domain - The Active Directory domain to connect to.

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Hey man. Try this custom componet. It works well for sending and reading messages, Microsoft Office 365 - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Hi All

Is there any solution for this. I too need to read the web outlook mails

Nancy T


@NancyThomas and @pankajs3

Did you find the solution for this?

Also, if no solutions are there, is it mentioned anywhere in the documentations?