Navigat to open .msg file and input To,CC, Subject and Attachments


I’m trying to navigate to open .msg file and from there I will use it and input “TO,CC, Subject and Attachments”. For now I’m able to open dynamically the .msg file based on the list in excel file. The problem is I don’t know on how to navigate to open .msg file. Hope someone can help. Thank you in advance!



First thing why do you want to open .msg file to give input , “TO,CC, Subject and Attachments”
If these data are coming from excel you can loop through that data table with the Send Outlook , SMTP or Send Exchange mail activities to update get to work done

Check these posts:


Hi @shanmukh_pothamsetty, I want to open .msg file because I need the body or content of that .msg file and from there I will just need to input “To,CC, Subject and Attachments”. I will check your suggestion and update you. Thank you! :slight_smile:

@Brylle_Genio_Tan if you need the body and content also , you don’t need to open the Message file, Just Read the Mail first using Get Outlook mail acitivity and in loop use the item.body and item.subject , you can send the mail to the person you want


Ohh. Sorry, I don’t know that. Can the get outlook mail activity work even in the locally saved .msg file?

no, That should be in Mail only, If you want to read the .msg file which is saved in locally then then check this: