How to read and write across columns in excel

I want to traverse across columns of the same row in an excel sheet and write values into them. which is the best way to do this?

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We can using a counter int variable in a assign activity…with a default value of 0 and do like this buddy…

  1. Use a for each loop with input like this
    Out_dt.columns.count where out_dt is the datatable that you obtained from read range…
  2. Inside the for each loop, use a assign activity like this buddy
    Out_dt.Rows(0)(counter) = “the value you want”
    Where rows(0) is the first row of the table
    Counter is integer variable with default value of 0 and that represents the column buddy…
  3. Then use another assign activity with
    Counter = counter+1
    Try this and let know buddy @learie
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Thank you…I will try this out and comeback later

Hello, This is not working for my case. I will explain in detail…
I have columns A,B,C…Z… and I want to write data to these columns but selectively…i.e, write in A,B and C and then skip D and E and then write in F, G and H and so on…Can you help me with this?