Write to data table across the first row then to across the next etc

Hi, I am very new. I’d like to know how or if this is possible, Write to data table across the first row then to across the next etc…?

Example data table:
Column1 Column 2. Column3
Row1 [cell value] [cell value]. [cell value]
Row2 [cell value] [cell value]. [cell value]
Row3 [cell value] [cell value]. [cell value]

we can use ADD DATA ROW activity where
the value can be passed like this
{“cell value1”,“cell value2”,“cell value3”} along the ARRAY ROW property and in the datatable we can mention the datatable name

Cheers @rohangroombridge

Thank. It’s a tricky situation I’m in but the data I need to put in cell one will come from a data table. Will your method still work? How do I do it if it’s a value from my data table variable.

Have a data table with one row and one column with a single value. That value changes everytime the for loop ends I have it in. I need the new value to go to the next cell across then when it get to the end column it writes to the next row

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Hello @rohangroombridge,

If you use a data from a datatable that changes at every occurence of your loop, you can output the current datatable using the OUTPUT DATATABLE activity in your loop.
This way you will obtain the content of your DT in an output variable (string format) and then put this variable in the input of the ADD DATA ROW activity.


can i have the whole process been followed so far
Cheers @rohangroombridge

  1. I have a string variable. The value changes every iteration as its inside a for each loop

  2. The data source is an in house web app. The iteration looping over 11 rows of inputs fields. Naturally, you would think I could use the data scrapping wizard but I can’t as the web app rows of input fields are just input filed not a table which means from my knowledge I have to iterate.

  3. iteration is iterating over row one of 4 input fields and then move down to row 2 etc…

  4. Due to the output of the iterate storing in a string type variable. I need to be able to add the first 4 iterations into a data table on separate columns on row 1

How do I do this? this has stopped me for days