Excel over writting the first row even with counter variable

Hello everyone,

I cannot seem to write the next row in excel even with a counter variable.

Could someone please review my general process and help me understand why I am overwriting row 1 and not iterating to the next blank row?

Here is my process

  1. Excel application scope > Read range to read a workbook
  2. Create an output data table
  3. For each row in the data table I assign variable for the rows I need to extract
  4. I think use an excel application scope within the for each row in data table activity to write the values to a new excel file


Can you check idx variable in details? Is it set at ForEachRow or variable panel? etc.


idx = int32 and is applied to the entire project. There is no default value.


Did you set the idx at Index property of ForEachRow activity or increment at other place?



Instead of Idx variable, Declare a variable in Index property of For Each row activity

Index will start with 0 so you can place IndexVariable+2

Hope this may help you


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A small change would help you resolve this
Provided you have only the headers in that new excel sheet SENDER

In your write cell activity mention like this



If the datatable itself has only column or exactly the same column structure then try with APPEND RANGE activity in Israel of write cell

Cheers @MF.RPA



Your solution worked for me.

I appreciate your support on this forum. I have learned a lot from your suggestions on other posts!

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Glad @MF.RPA

Happy automation