Unable to extract specific info from a pdf file with 20-30 pages

Hii.I have a pdf file having 20-30 pages.i want to extract some specific information at different pages .this pdf also conrltains some pictures in some pages…what’s the best way to extract? When I am using readpdf with ocr with omnipage ,it is only showing me one page of data… I am unable to get all the pages.what to do?


How about ReadPdfText activity?


Hii.getting only a blank message when trying to output in message box


Probably the text in the pdf is not character but image.
So, for now, can you try to split each page using Extract PDF Range activity, then use ReadPDFwithOCR?


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Hii I am getting all pages extracted with redpdf with ocr.i forgot to give the profile as scanned in property section…both omnipage and Abby cloud ocr are working fine here.thanks anyway bro

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