How to read a pdf table and write it in a excel sheet row by row

i have done the extraction and extract the table and having the variable dataset as output now i want to write these values into a excel file how can i write these data

Check this below screenshot, @Tharusha_Fernando

Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

hy @Manish540
this is my table extraction part

after extracting ,exporting the results to as a variable call dataset
but i cannot get the output as table

As mentioned in the post, @Tharusha_Fernando

You have to change properties of For Each activity as shown in screenshot and use a write range activity to write your datatable.

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@Tharusha_Fernando - Actually table extraction will write in a different sheetname what you have provided for the Tablename in the Taxonomy. Once you execute that step, just open your sheet and check there will be one.


@prasath17 @Manish540
thanks i will check