How to download a .msg file attached in .msg file

Hi everyone, I’d like to ask you for my help today.
In practice I get an email on the mailbox where there is an email and I should download it, and so far I managed to do it. Then I need to re-read the e-mail downloaded from the disc and download a second e-mail inserted inside the e-mail I previously downloaded. Unfortunately I’m finding myself in trouble with this last step. Someone could help me.

Thanks to all in advance.


hi @momi_fede

Save your mail as .eml which is compatible with your outlook.
after the download you can easily open the .eml file and then send it to your self and read it…otherwise save it as a draft in inside outlook and then read.


Hi @momi_fede, have you tried e.g. Read a .msg file and save attachement or How to Read a .msg file and save attachement .

hi are you able to solve ?