How to pull Ui Elements from checkbox dropdown

Hi everyone,

I am absolute beginner, so I apologies in advance if I do not use accurate language.

I am trying to automate gathering data from the portal. For each of the options below I need to click on download button.

I tried to use Find Children, but no matter how I select the filter (closed, opened etc.) I am not able to get all options. Any suggestions, supplement actions, ideas will help.

Thank you in advance!

FYI: image

Hi @eddie_mastro

Try using select item activity

Hope it helps!!

Hi @pravallikapaluri

Thank you for the quick reply. As list of countries is dynamic (every month some countries might be added or removed) and the number of countries is high I was thinking to use Find Children (to get all options) - For Each (to loop them) - Select Item (to select) - Download.

I am not sure (as I never did this before) what would be performance if I have 100+ times Select Item - Download

Thank you again!

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“Find Children” way of doing it might be slow as well. In my experience, performance of the Select Item activity is quite alright. I would test that out first, and then optimize if you find the performance not to be good enough.

I think Select item activity will work.Try it once and check

Hope it helps!!

Thanks a lot! I will test it out.

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