How to Publish each new robot with a different name?

Hi All,

I am trying to publish a new robot to the UIpath Robot, how ever when i publish a new workflow it renames the other one, it always saves it as AutomationV0.1 even if i change the name in the project.json file, here are some screenshots, please take a look and advise.
Robot Publishing


Are you trying to publish Main.xaml file or any other workflow ?

Yes, depending of the backup versions i have i set them as main and than i publish them, how ever it always gets published as AutomationV0.1.

This is the standard behavior of the studio, the name will always be the same as your Project and not the xaml file name, if you want a new name, you need to create another project.

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Hi @bcorrea Thank you for the information,I will do so, have a great day.

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