UiPath Robot does not appear!



I’m following all the steps to set up a robot.
I’ll demonstrate in detail all the steps you’ve been doing, please help me solve this problem.

I created my first test robot

I believe that until now everything is OK



But when I look at the available robots there are none.


If there is any step which I have forgotten or should do, please help me

Orchestrator: UiPath 2017 Orchestrator Community 2017.1.6435 (“https://platform.uipath.com”)
UiPath Studio/Robot: version 2016.2.6379 UiPath RPA Platform TRIAL



Packages are only available in uiRobot tray once you publish the workflow .
Please creat a workflow and then publish from the studio .


I already did this part of publishing the workflow
I try to start the process and I can not.


Result that happens when I try to start manually



This error is displayed when the Robot provisioned on Orchestrator has a username does not coincide with the Robot machine’s username.


Do I need to rename the Machine or Domain / Username?


Machine name is none editable field.
You need to rename
Only Domain \Username