How to properly handle a transaction if writing back the status to Excel fails in-between

Hello Experts,
I am looking for some ideas to handle a possible transaction issue

We have an automation use case which involves financial transactions and duplicate entries will be a nightmare. Input is excel and each row in excel is inputted to a Finance application.

When the transaction is done the status is captured back to the same excel.
Issue is If the transaction is successful and the bot fails when it is writing back to the excel.
There is no way to detect if the bot has processed the entry already or not. The bot should not retry the entry if it is already done and there is no way to detect if the entry happened in the application.

How to handle this scenario when writing back to excel failed. Note that we are not using queues.

Hi @Kayobot

You can remove the duplicate transactions before starting the process


Hi @Kayobot

Hope this video will be useful for removing duplicate range from excel.

Thank you.

Thanks Sudharsan and Jobin for the replies.

I am not sure If I have framed the question correctly. It is not about removing duplicates from the excel. I will try to put it in other words.

I have 10 records in excel which needs to be entered in to a Finance application.
bot takes the first row and enter that correctly in the application, so the transaction is successful.
It needs to write the status of the transaction back to the same excel. In case if the bot fails before writing the transaction status back to excel, no status will be updated in excel. Next time when bot may not know if it is already processed that particular row or not and it may try to enter the data again back to the application. At the application side it cannot detect if it is a duplicate entry or not. Hope it is clear now?