What is the efficient way to log transaction in excel using reframework?

In the initialization, I assigned all the data to the transaction data (data type DataTable). each successful transaction I want it to log to the excel and I also want to log transaction that is not process or is not done.


You can do that using write cell activity.

whenener tran is succesful then write success before trans in status col.
same for failed trans.

how about the items inside transactiondata that was not processed?



DO one thing, write transactionData in excel and add col to it as Status with Not process,
read this excel, loop over datatable,
I know that where and when trans will be success and fail, check that condition and write status accordingly either success or fail,

last but not least, unprocessed transaction which are in excel/transactionData will remain as Not process, based on this you can do it.

@Pankaj.Patil do you have some just basic example ?


I’m sorry :frowning: , make test workflow and try above stated point, you will get a desired result for sure.

@AhmedKutraphali - you can try below

  • create a datatable with required columns in excel
  • perform your transaction operations and update the datatable row accordingly
  • once all transactions completed - write to excel (it will improve your robot performance)

@GBK but how do we keep track of what has been processed and what has been not when the process ends ?

do you have examples @GBK ?

@AhmedKutraphali - if you are using reframework? if yes - it will takecare of the actions…its quite simple :slight_smile:

Init → built datatable
Process-> add data row with status (process success/fail/not process)
End → write to excel

@GBK do you have some example I can study ?

@AhmedKutraphali - am not having any learning material… but you can check these activity related videos -

Build Datatable, Add Data Row, For Excel (Write Range) activity

@GBK any sample reframework workflow ?

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