Checking Multiple Queues in REFramework

In the automation I have built, we currently have several queues in which the robot can pull from. I would like to set an order for the robot to check, something like this:

  • Check Queue 1, if not empty, process, if empty move to next
  • Check Queue 2, if not empty, process, if empty move to next
  • etc etc

How could I accomplish this in the get transaction state without the robot ending if the first queue is empty, etc?

You could do it in many different ways.

One way which I have seen it done is to create an extra state(a duplicate of the get transaction data with different queue name) and attaching the no transaction items transition to it then duplicating the process etc.

Hope this helps a little

Use API - check it and:

  1. Get the list of queues
  2. Get items for the queue - check if there is more than 0 with New status and you can add time range to get more precise data.
    API is very powerful in Orchestrator :smiley: