How to proceed after Data Extraction Scope?

Hi all, Can i know, how to proceed further on after getting the Data extraction Scope result?
I have followed Alexcabuz given steps upto 6th without any issue…
Now need to proceed further on Data extraction Scope result.
How to get actual value from this?

Thanks in Advance…

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Hi Changeponder_Tester,

You can use the Export Extraction Results activity to convert the ExtractionResults into a DataSet object which is easy to parse. If you have any issues please let me know, and I will try to help out.


Hi @Changeponder_Tester,

After getting output from Data Extraction scope activity, use Export Extraction Results activity which will give you output as dataset.

Use write range activity and provide as dataset.tables(0) , because dataset is collection of tables, you are giving first table and you can get the output in excel.


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