Processing of variable of 'dataset' type into excel

I am not able to process the ‘dataset’ type variable into an excel file. The dataset variable is the output of ExportExtractionResult activity.

And can anyone help me out in knowing how do we use the value of the ‘ExtractionResult’ type variable.

Can you provide more details like screen shots of the activity and error, in order to provide proper solution.

Hi, @sawaseem!
I am in the same situation like the colleague that posted this issue.
I post here some screenshots.
The .xaml file is the framework of the new AI/ML Invoice extraction in Beta version.
I am trying to extract the results that are stored in DataSet which are extracted by Export Extraction Results activity into an excel file, but to be structurated.
I am waiting for your feedback.
Thank you!

hi @Marius_Taran
This post should help you.

The write range activity needs datatype “DataTable” and you are providing Dataset of type DataSet to it, hence the error. Use “Export Extraction Results” activity as explained in post above after the “Data Extraction Scope” activity which will convert its result into a datatable. This datatable can be then used as input to Write range activity.

a dataset is a collection of datatable. You can choose a specific datatable within the dataset by name YourDataSet(“YourTable”) - or by index YourDataSet(0)


the problem is that the items are displayed as table not the information table