Document understand concept issue

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I am using document understanding concept and I extract to pdf files with data and tables 
     Both are extracting and save in excel file. 

But I am getting table values bot it’s shows onlyb table in excel but I want saame to table filed values also

This is excel it’s coming only last filed table

And my code to write range is

This please give any correct solution to finish this issue.

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Your variable outputdata is a DataSet which contains all the information about ExtractionResult object (output of ‘Export Extraction Results’ activity)

Before using outputdata.Tables(0).TableName(0) please first inspect the dataset object to see which table is of interest to you. The first table seems to be metadata, i.e. information about the actual extracted tables.
The table you’re after may be at index 1 or 2. Try using Tables(1) or Tables(2) and see what is returned.

Please use this master post for reference: How to use the IntelligentOCR Package

If I am using tables(1) and that correct
Is outputdata.Tables(1).Tablename(1)

Yes, that syntax should give you a different table.
Although, I suggest you use ‘Debug’ mode to inspect the structure of your ExtractionResults object. That way you can determine exactly which table to call rather than doing a lot of trial-and-error.

You can do this by adding a breakpoint at the ‘Merge Data Table’ activity in your workflow above. Look at the ‘Local’ tab in debug mode, it will show all the variables at that state of the workflow.

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It’s working fine thank you so much

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